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Materials Science is a key area for the prosperity of a nation and one of the drivers for the economic growth of a modern country. Nowadays, there is a continuous pursuit for new materials that could meet the most stringent performance requirements, while allowing the development of new technical processes or the improvement of existing ones. For this, it is necessary the knowledge of the modern processes of manufacturing and the domain of the most advanced techniques for the investigation of different types of materials and the characterization of their structural properties.

The Graduate Program in Materials Science (PPG-MTR) of the UFPE’s Center of Natural and Exact Sciences (CCEN) was established in 2001 to meet the growing demand of the Northeast region of Brazil for trained human resources that could not only contribute for the generation of new technologies and their transfer to the society, but also offer qualified specialized and consulting services. Our alumni could serve as material scientists in benefit not only of the productive sector already established in the region, but also contribute to the local attractiveness of new companies based on cutting-edge technologies.

The interdisciplinary character of the PPG-MTR was designed to foster the collaboration among faculty members from the different academic units of the UFPE working in the area of materials science and technology. The Program provides a core of aggregation for scientists with different background but similar interests, allowing the establishment of new cooperation pathways and providing academic excellence and a differentiated formation for the graduate students.

The main objectives of the program are:

  1. The establishment of a horizontal Graduate Program able to train highly qualified human resources (at the PhD and MSc levels) in Materials Science, which could effectively contribute to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in their area of expertise;
  2. To develop high quality scientific research, generating new knowledge at the interfaces between Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Health Sciences;
  3. To contribute to the generation of cutting-edge technologies in the Northeast region of Brazil, allowing its full scientific development while promoting the development of a modern industrial basis;
  4. Foster the attraction of qualified materials scientists and professionals in the Northeast region of Brazil;
  5. To increase the number and expertise of qualified professionals in Materials Science that could provide skilled services to the productive sector.



Faculty members


Advisors in Alphabetical Order

  1. André Galembeck
  2. Antônio Carlos Pavão
  3. Armando Navarro Vazquez
  4. Beate Saegesser Santos
  5. Celso Pinto de Melo
  6. Cid Bartolomeu de Araujo
  7. Edilson Lucena Falcão Filho
  8. Eduardo Henrique Lago Falcão
  9. Eduardo Padrón Hernández
  10. Fernando Hallwass
  11. Fernando Jaime Rodríguez-Macías
  12. Fernando Luis de Araujo Machado
  13. Giovanna Machado
  14. Glória Maria Vinhas
  15. Ingrid Távora Weber
  16. José Albino Oliveira de Aguiar
  17. Marcelo Navarro
  18. Marco Antonio Sacilotti
  19. Oscar M. Loureiro Malta
  20. Patrícia Maria de Albuquerque Farias
  21. Petrus D'Amorim Santa Cruz
  22. Ricardo Emmanuel de Souza
  23. Ricardo Luiz Longo
  24. Rosa Maria Souto Maior
  25. Severino Alves Junior
  26. Walter Mendes de Azevêdo
  27. Yadira Itzel Vega Cantú
  28. Yeda Medeiros Bastos de Almeida


Admin Staff

Heloisa Henrique da Silva

Ingrid Vanessa Almeida da Silva


José Fellipe de Lima França

Antônio Fernando Gomes de Moura Júnior 


International Cooperation 

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