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The Federal University of Pernambuco - UFPE - is one of the main Brazilian public universities. The UFPE began its activities in 1946, over 70 years ago.

The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) is an integral part of the stricto sensu postgraduate courses at the Federal University of Pernambuco. It began operations in 1978 and is graded a level 5 (maximum is 7) by the  Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), as well as being rated one of the best programs in Electrical Engineering in Brazil. It seeks to train highly qualified professionals that are able to develop scientific research and technological development in Electrical Engineering.

The faculty is composed of 24 permanent professors, 12 of whom are researchers in productivity in research at CNPq.

The PPGEE has 16 research topics associated to the four Concentration Areas: Communications, Electronics, Photonics and Energy Processing. The PPGEE professors maintain a scientific exchange with several research groups within Brazil and abroad. Research developed by PPGEE faculty and students is often published in national and international scientific journals, congresses and conferences, including awards for the best scientific articles presented at events.


Graduate courses

The entire teaching staff making up the postgraduate course offer, obligatorily, regularly and every semester, at least one undergraduate course in Electrical Engineering. This results in a strong connection between undergraduate and postgraduate activities. Additionally, all teachers guide Scientific Initiation students, usually with scholarships obtained from the PIBIC/UFPE, PIBIC/FACEPE and CNPq Institutional Programs and from Research and Development programs of state and/or private institutions. Other types of orientation involve students in end-of-course work and monitors of undergraduate subjects. These activities are usually related to the research projects by professors and their graduate students. Eventually, some of these students progress towards postgraduate studies from the scientific activities they began in their undergraduate studies.

The seminars offered at PPGEE are open for undergraduate students to participate. Undergraduate students, particularly those involved in Scientific Initiation, eventually contribute to the implementation of projects with support in specific tasks, especially when the subject requires the implementation of practical systems such as softwares, prototypes or equipment.


The PPGEE is supported by professors from the following Departments: Electronics and Systems/UFPE (DES); Electrical Engineering/UFPE (DEE); Department of Statistics/UFPE (DE) and Informatics/UFRPE (DEINFO).

The PPGEE coordination inhabits an approximately 50 square meter room on DES' premises. The latter occupies an area of around 2,500 square meters on the 4th floor of CTG's engineering building and has professors' rooms equipped with computers and printers. The various computers are networked and linked to a UFPE fiber-optic backbone. In addition to the coordination room, the PPGEE has a seminar room, a conference room, and a special training room equipped with a computer and a multimedia projector. There are also three classrooms, each equipped with computers and multimedia projectors. All these rooms are used exclusively for the postgraduate classes and specialization courses or training involving the PPGEE teaching staff. It also has a DES amphitheatre where it has 20 padded seats, ambiance with 3 split air conditioners, a sound system and a multimedia projector on the ceiling. The amphitheatre is available for general lectures and scientific events. The PPGEE has research laboratories for the experimental phase of graduation work. We also offer the following laboratories: Pattern Recognition Laboratory (RECPAD); Cryptography Laboratory (LACRI); Microwave and Radio-Link Laboratory; Optical Communications Laboratory; Laboratory of Connectivity and Telephony; Optical Sensors Laboratory; Biomedical Optics and Images Laboratory; Power Electronics and Electrical Drives Group Laboratory (GEPAE); Research Group on Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Laboratory (GpTD); Digital Power Systems Laboratory (LDSP).


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Our e-mail address is: ppgee@ufpe.br


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