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The Pro-Rectory of Research and Postgraduate Matters (Propesq) is a segment of the UFPE in charge of all the matters related to:

  • postgraduate education;
  • professional research and;
  • undergraduate research.

It is our duty to coordinate existent postgraduate programs (PPGs), fostering for the quality of its academical structure as well as supporting our teachers and students. Propesq is responsible for managing around 145 postgraduate stricto sensu courses offered by a total of 93 postgraduate programs. 

In total, the pro-rectory is in charge of managing 74 academic master programs (although one of them is associated with another university), 53 doctorates, and 16 professional master (two of them associated with other universities), and two professional doctorates. 

In regard to the lato sensu postgraduate, our pro-rectory conducts both specialization courses and residencies programs in healthcare (such as medical, nursing, nutrition and multi-professional). For more information about the programs, please visit the specialization sector’s website by clicking here.

Apart from fostering for the quality of the teaching methods of the postgraduate programs, Propesq also works as the coordinator of many researching areas, as well as encouraging innovative scientific initiatives so to expand the university’s boundaries in order to contribute to a regional development.

Propesq works with the purpose of elevating the status of the scientific works made in the UFPE to one of the best in all universities in Brazil by investing in structuring and expanding the research groups in the institution.


Our Purpose


  • To propose guidelines on teaching methods and researches in the University domain,

besides coordinating any other subjects related to the institution;

  • To manage and execute the postgraduate programs in the UFPE;
  • To encourage the scientific production in the university with the purpose ofreflecting its results directly in the society;
  • To guarantee a better relationship between the undergraduate and postgraduate programs through the undergraduate research.

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