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PrInt is a program created by the Coordination for Improvement and Higher Education Personnel (Capes) that aims to stimulate the formation of international research networks, expand actions to support internationalization in postgraduate studies and improve the quality of academic production.

Applications will be funded as grants for overseas work assignments, project maintenance, overseas fellowships (sandwich doctorate, junior and senior visiting professor and short-term training), as well as scholarships in Brazil (youth talent, visiting professor and post-doctorate).

The UFPE's internationalization project totals more than R$ 20.5 million, spread over four years of development of the internationalization plan. 19 pos-graduate programs take part in the PrInt/UFPE: Animal Biology, Fungus Biology, Plant Biology, Computer Science, Political Science, Biological Sciences, Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Genetics, Therapeutic Innovation, Mathematics, Tropical Medicine, Oceanography, Chemistry, Social Work, Sociology and Energy and Nuclear Technologies

In all, Capes contemplated 36 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that participated in the selection process started in 2017. The projects chosen were implemented in November and have a duration of four years. Starting in 2019, Capes will invest - annually - in the program, R$ 300 million.