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  • Artur Fragoso de Albuquerque Perrusi  Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Health, Political Sociology and Social Theory.


  • Breno Augusto Souto Maior Fontes  Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Networks, Sociabilities and Local Power (focus on health, social movements, NGOs, urban management and popular participation).


  • Cristiano Wellington Noberto Ramalho   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Fisheries, Maritime Socioanthropology, Rural Sociology and Sociology of Work.


  • Cynthia de Carvalho Lins Hamlin   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Social Theory, Philosophy of Social Sciences and Methodology of Social Sciences (focus on critical realism, hermeneutics, feminist epistemology and theories of action).


  • Eliane Veras Soares   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Literature and Social Thought in Brazil (conducts research on Portuguese-speaking African countries).


  • Francisco Jatobá de Andrade   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Race relations, affirmative actions, quantitative methods, public policies, stratification and social mobility.


  • Gabriel Moura Peters   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Social Theory


  • Gustavo Gomes da Costa Santos   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Political Sociology (focus on social movements, NGOs and collective action, social participation, public policies, political parties, citizenship, homophobia and human rights in Latin America and Africa).


  • Joanildo Albuquerque Burity   Lattes 
    Areas of Interest: Political Science and Sociology (focus on Political Behavior); religion and globalization; religion and politics; culture and identity; religion and society; public management and social policies; social movements; globalization and culture; qualitative methodology (especially discourse analysis); and contemporary political theory.


  • José Luiz de Amorim Ratton Júnior   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology and Public Policy, with a focus on Sociology of Crime and Violence, Sociology of Illicit Markets, Public Security Policies.


  • Josefa Salete Barbosa Cavalcanti   Lattes

    Areas of Interest: Anthropology and Sociology with a focus on Rural Sociology and Rural Anthropology. Key topics:: globalization of agriculture and food; rural development, peasant societies; social differences; migrant workers, work and gender.


  • Josimar Jorge Ventura de Morais   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Music (Lutheria; Construction of Musical Instruments; Technology and Music; Music and Society); Sociology of Objects (Social Theory and Objects); Sociology of Materialities (Social Life of Objects).


  • Maria Eduarda da Mota Rocha  Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Culture, Communication and Consumption (focus on advertising, consumer culture, media and democracy).


  • Paulo Henrique N Martins de Albuquerque   Lattes

    Areas of Interest: Sociological Theory and Post-Colonial Studies, Studies on the endowment; Sociology of Health and Sociology of Power.


  • Remo Mutzenberg   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Political Sociology (focus on discourse, civil society, social movements, democracy and citizenship).
  • Alexandre Zarias   Lattes

    Areas of Interest: sociology, anthropology, high school, teaching sociology, gender, family law, body.


  • Eliane Maria Monteiro da Fonte   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Development, Rural Sociology, Sociology of Health, Research Methodology and Evaluative Research (Key topics: public policies, rural development, family farming, psychiatric reform, mental health, quality of life and happiness).


  • Jonatas Ferreira   Lattes 
    Areas of Interest: Science and Technology (key topics: body, biotechnology, technological innovation, technology and sociology).


  • Maria Luiza Lins e Silva Pires   Lattes

    Areas of Interest: Cooperativism, family farming, productive arrangements, local development and rural extension.


  • Paulo Marcondes Ferreira Soares   Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Art, Culture and Communication (key topics: art and politics; contemporary art; music; global culture and the media; cinema and politics and cinema in peripheral contexts).


  • Silke Weber   Lattes

    Areas of Interest: Social Psychology, Education and Sociology (key topics: higher education, education and social projects, Brazilian education, educational policies, professionalization and teacher training, quality of public education).


  • Luca Bussotti  Lattes
    Areas of Interest: Sociology of Development, African Studies and Intercultural Studies.