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Founded in 1968 and named “Instituto de Física”, the Department of Physics of Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, Brazil, has a Master’s of Science program initiated in 1973 and a Doctor of Science program initiated in 1975. These degrees are similar to the European and US Master’s and PhD, respectively. To guarantee an international standard for its graduates, the Department of Physics has been committed, since the creation of these programs, to both intensive research activities and teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels. Thus, along the past 40 years since the beginning of the Doctorate program, a large number of alumni have joined major Brazilian universities and foreign institutions as faculty and research scientists. Our Graduate Program (Master and PhD degrees) is qualified at level 7 (out of 7) by the Brazilian Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES), and is consistently ranked as one of Brazil’s top institutions. Currently it has 39 faculty members and 2 admin staff.

Experimental and theoretical research in basic and applied subjects of current interest is pursued in an academic ambiance where the involvement of students is considered a most important condition. Thesis work usually results in publications in international journals and courses follow curricula used in most foreign programs. Graduates with a doctoral degree receive an intensive training, including courses at the highest level, which is usually complemented by post-doctoral positions in top institutions around the world.

National recognition for the program is verified by a continuous support of scholarships and research grants from the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq) and from CAPES. International Cooperation programs exist since the early days of the Department of Physics: CNPq-NSF (Brazil-US), CAPES-COFECUB (Brazil-France) and CAPES-BRITISH CONCIL are only a few of the bilateral projects. The program also hosts post-doctoral researchers as well as visiting scientists, and maintains an active program of “Scientific Initiation” with scholarships for undergraduate students from the basic sciences and engineering departments of the University.



Faculty members

Advisors in Alphabetical Order


Alexandre Ricalde Rodrigues

Anderson Stevens Leônidas Gomes

Antônio Azevedo da Costa

Antônio Murilo Santos Macêdo

Arkady Shanenko

Azadeh Mohammadi

Bruno Carneiro da Cunha

Carlos Alberto Batista da Silva Filho

Celso Pinto de Melo

Cid Bartolomeu de Araújo

Clécio Clemente de Souza Silva

Daniel Felinto Pires Barbosa

Edilson Lucena Falcão Filho

Eduardo Olímpio Ribeiro Dias

Eduardo Padrón Hernandéz

Ernesto Carneiro Pessoa Raposo

Fernando Luis de Araujo Machado

Fernando R. de Luna Parisio Filho

José Albino Oliveira de Aguiar

José Américo de Miranda Neto

José Roberto Rios Leite

José Wellington Rocha Tabosa

Leonardo de Souza Menezes

Lúcio Hora Acioli

Luiz Felipe Cavalcanti Pereira

Marcelo Andrade de Filgueiras Gomes

Marcio Heraclyto Gonçalves de Miranda

Maurício Domingues Coutinho Filho

Mauro Copelli Lopes da Silva

Michael Cabrera Baez

Nadja Kolb Bernardes

Paulo Roberto de Araújo Campos

Pedro Valadão Carelli

Renê Rodrigues Montenegro Filho

Sandra Sampaio Vianna

Sérgio Machado Rezende

Shahram Jalalzadeh

Sérgio Wlademir da Silva Apolinário


Admin Staff

Alexsandra Soares da F. Melo

Ailton Francisco da Silva


Graduate courses

The Graduate School in Physics at UFPE offers programs leading to the master's and doctoral degrees. The Program has 39 faculty members with PhD degree, well-equipped research laboratories, a modern library system, wireless network throughout the campus and an excellent atmosphere for learning and researching. Since 1973, over 343 Masters and 147 PhDs have graduated at the program.



Contact Us

Our e-mail address: posgrad.df@ufpe.br

International Cooperation

 In the International Cooperation web page there are information for VISA, Student Assistance (Accommodation, Food, Transport, Currency Exchange), Application procedure, Course registration, etc.