Departamento de Física da UFPE promove colóquio no próximo dia 11

O palestrante será o professor Alexei Vagov, da University of Bayreuth (Alemanha)

O Departamento de Física (DF) da UFPE, promoverá no próximo dia 11, colóquio sobre o tema “Strange vortex matter in superconductors between types I and II”, com o professor Alexei Vagov, da University of Bayreuth (Alemanha). O evento acontecerá às 16h, no auditório do DF, no Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Natureza (CCEN).


Superconductors with the conventional BCS pairing mechanism are traditionally divided into type I and type II. Materials of type I expel magnetic field, whereas those of type II allow penetration of the field in the form of Abrikosov vortices, which arrange themselves into regular periodic Abrikosov lattices. However, between those two conventional types there is a domain of “strange” or inter-type (IT) superconductivity. This domain is characterised by a very unusual magnetic response and reveals exotic vortex structures. In my talk I will discuss the origin of the IT superconductivity and the physics behind exotic vortex configurations. In particular, I will discuss a remarkable observation that vortex interactions in a part of the IT domain are essentially of the many-body type. I will also demonstrate that IT superconductivity is much more widespread than believed previously and possibly encompasses many of the recently discovered multi-band superconductive materials.

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