Pós da Física promove palestra sobre "Closed Quantum Systems"

Apresentação será nesta sexta-feira (6), às 16h, no auditório do próprio DF

O professor do Departamento de Física (DF) da UFPE Daniel Felinto será o palestrante do próximo colóquio que o Programa de Pós-Graduação de Física vai promover nesta sexta-feira (6), às 16h, no auditório do próprio DF. Com o tema "Closed Quantum Systems: exploring the coherent neture of spontaneous emission", a apresentação será aberta ao público.

Resumo: The formation of collective entangled states on atomic ensembles is heralded by detection of photons spontaneously emitted by the sample. its origin is the coherent interactions of atomns with the quantum reservoir of vacuum modes. Control of this process leads to important applications in quantum informations. Here we present our recent work on the problem, focusing on two fronts. We first develop a bottom-up approach to the study of superradiance from particular quantum states. Later, we introduce our first results on non-volatile atomic memories generated in the linear scattering of light by a cold atomic cloud.

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