Fotônica é tema de palestra amanhã (10) no Departamento de Física

Aberto ao público, o evento ocorrerá no auditório do DF, a partir das 16h

O Departamento de Física da UFPE (DF) vai realizar, amanhã (10), o colóquio “Photonic counterparts of Cooper pairs”, com apresentação do professor Marcelo França Santos (Instituto de Física da UFRJ). Aberto ao público, o evento ocorrerá no auditório do DF, a partir das 16h.


Photons are the elementary particles of light. Contrary to most particles, photons do not interact directly with each other in vacuum. However, when propagating in a material, e.g. water, photon pairs may interact through the medium. In the Raman effect, for example, it is possible that a photon creates or absorbs a vibrational excitation of the material. In this work, we demonstrate theoretically and experimentally that photon pairs may interact via a virtual vibration, meaning that the energy exchanged in the process does not correspond to a quantum of vibrational energy. The same process occurs in a metal at very low temperatures, where virtual vibrations of the medium create an effective attractive interaction between electrons, forming the so-called Cooper pairs. This phenomenon changes a normal metal into a superconductor. We have shown the analogue of this phenomenon with light, namely an effective photon-photon interaction mediated by a virtual vibration, i.e, a photonic-like Cooper pair. An important next step is to test how far the analogy with superconductivity extends.

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