Departamento de Física promove colóquio nesta sexta (5)

O evento ocorrerá no auditório do departamento, às 16h

O Departamento de Física (DF) da UFPE oferta, nesta sexta-feira (5), o colóquio “Quantum groups and inherent Cosmological Constant in quantum cosmology”. O coloquialista do evento será o professor do DF Shahram Jalalzadeh. O colóquio acontecerá no auditório do departamento, às 16h.


In this talk, I will present the quantum deformation of quantum cosmology in the presence of a conformally coupled scalar field. Specifically, the quantum deformed Universe is a quantized minisuperspace model constructed from quantum Heisenberg–Weyl group. These intrinsic mathematical features allow establishing that the scale factor is quantized and consequently we can remove the Big-Bang singularity. On the other hand, such quantum group structure provides us a new framework to discuss the cosmological constant problem: an ultraviolet cutoff can be obtained at a scale much larger than the expected Planck scale. In addition, an infrared cutoff, at the size of the observed Universe, emerges from within such quantum deformation of Universe. Moreover, I show that the emerged cosmological horizon is a quantum sphere or, alternatively, a fuzzy sphere which explicitly exhibits features of the holographic principle. The corresponding number of fundamental cells equals the dimension of the Hilbert space and hence, the cosmological constant can be presented as a consequence of the quantum deformation of the FLRW minisuperspace.

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