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Departamento de Física promove colóquio na próxima sexta-feira (6)

O evento acontece via Google Meet

O Departamento de Física da UFPE promove o colóquio “Topologia, geometria e dinâmica molecular: o modelo de campo médio hamiltoniano em um campo magnético e as transições de fase em sistemas de spin”, a ser apresentado pelo professor Maurício D. Coutinho Filho, na próxima sexta-feira (6), via Google Meet, às 16h. Os organizadores pedem para que os interessados em acompanhar entrem na sala virtual com o microfone desligado e pelo e-mail institucional da UFPE.


The Hamiltonian mean-field model is investigated in the presence of a field. The geometric approach to Hamiltonian dynamics allows us to calculate the field effect on the energy-dependent microcanonical mean Ricci curvature and its fluctuations. We also show that stable and metastable solutions of the Lyapunov exponent exhibit intriguing field-induced results. In addition, finite-size molecular dynamics simulations can provide complementary information: R. Araújo, L. H. Miranda Filho, F. A. N. Santos, and M. D. Coutinho-Filho, PRE 103, 012203 (2021).

On the other hand, topological phases of matter have attracted much attention over the years, in particular the work put forward by Haldane, Kosterlitz, and Thouless: R. R. Montenegro-Filho, F. S. Matias, and M. D. Coutinho-Filho, PRB 102, 035137 (2020). We have also examined the edge states of a one-dimensional trimer lattice. A nontrivial connection exists between the topological phase transition point in the trimer lattice and the one in its associated two-dimensional parent system, in agreement with results in the context of Thouless pumping in photonic lattices: V. M. Martinez Alvarez and M. D. Coutinho-Filho, PRA 99, 013833 (2019).

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