Wilson Barros Junior

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D.Sc. em Física (2004): Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco; Pós-doutorado (2007): Institute of Imaging Science, Vanderbilt University; Pós-doutorado (2009): Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University.

Currículo Lattes
E-mail: wilsonarrobadfpontoufpepontobr
Fone: (81)2126-7609

Area of research

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: images by RMN, Overhauser effect, optical pumping by spin exchange, spectroscopy by multiple intermolecular quanta.

Selected Publications

  • Wilson Barros Jr., Daniel F. Gochberg, and John C. Gore, Nuclear magnetic resonance signal dynamics of liquids in the presence of distant dipolar fields, revisited, Journal of Chemical Physics 130, 174506 (2009).
  • Wilson Barros Jr. and Daniel F. Gochberg, Fast single-gradient simultaneous measurement of D and T2 in liquids via the distant dipolar field, Chemical Physics Letters 431, 174 (2006).
  • Wilson Barros Jr., Paulo Loureiro de Souza, and Mario Engelsberg, Low field intermolecular double-quantum coherence imaging via the Overhauser effect, Journal of magnetic resonance165, 175 (2003).
  • Wilson Barros Jr., Ricardo E. De Souza, Mario Engelsberg et al., Low field Overhauser images of the formation process of a hydrogel, Applied Physics Letters 80, 160 (2002).