Spiderman Behavior Chart Ideas

Charts can be a constant visual reminder for children and a way of helping parents praise positive behaviors. Creating a behavior chart is one way to help children get in the habit of finishing chores, managing their personal hygiene and even doing their homework. If you have a child who loves Spider-Man, then he can be your superhero, too. Make a Spider-Man behavior chart to encourage good behavior and help your little one learn to manage themselves.

  1. Spider-Man Task Chart

    • Begin with a poster board. Using a ruler, create a graph with columns labeled for each behavior you're working on. For some children, this may be "Making the Bed" or "Eating Breakfast." For other children, it may be things like "Flushing the Potty" or "Calling Grandma." In each row, label the days of the week. You can leave this as a graph, or you can use markers or construction paper to make each square look like the window of a tall building. A large Spider-Man can be climbing up one side of the building, or you can use small Spider-Man stickers to fill in each "window."

    Spider-Man's Web Behavior Chart

    • For a web chart, use a wide piece of poster board and draw a building on each end. Cut out a picture of Spider-Man or draw him perched on the side of one building, throwing a web to the other. Use a pencil to make a faint line symbolic of his web, and then make small, regularly spaced dots along the line. This chart can be used like a progress meter, with a small line segment being filled in each time a goal is met. Use it to reward a child, such as "Every day that you remember your homework, the web gets longer," and reward the "reaching of the goal" in the final segment with a treat.

    Behavior Web Chart

    • Spider Web

      Use poster board to draw a web shape, with seven sections radiating from the center. Each section symbolizes one day of the week, and the radial "ladder" lines that divide each section can create sections for different behaviors that you want to encourage. Color the sections in with a crayon or marker. On days when the whole segment is completed, add a little Spider-Man sticker to the web.

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