'88--'92 Chevy 5.7 Specs

'88--'92 Chevy 5.7 Specs
'88--'92 Chevy 5.7 Specs

Chevrolet put its 5.7-liter engine in several vehicles from 1988 through 1992. The Suburban, C/K3500 and the G30 vans all had options for the 5.7-liter. Of these vehicles, the Suburban was the most commonly equipped with the 5.7.

  1. 1988

    • In 1988, the engine's horsepower (hp) ranged from a low of 185 hp, in the G30 and C/K3500, to a high of 210 hp in the Suburban. The torque rating had a low of 285 foot-lbs., in the G30 and C/K3500, and a high of 300 foot-lbs. in the Suburban.


    • The 1989 5.7-liter V-8 had a low of 185 hp, in the G30 and a high of 210 hp, in the Suburban. The G30 van had the lowest torque rating, at 285 foot-lbs.; the Suburban had the highest, at 300 foot-lbs.


    • The 1990 model year saw a low hp rating of 190 hp, in the G30, and a high rating of 210 hp, in the Suburban. Torque ratings ranged from 290 foot-lbs. in the G30 to 300 foot-lbs. in the Suburban.


    • In 1991, the 5.7-liter engine had a horsepower low of 190 hp, in the C/K3500 and the long-wheelbase Suburban. The Suburban had the highest horsepower rating, at 210 hp, in the short-wheelbase Suburban. All 1991 5.7-liter models had a torque rating of 300 foot-lbs.


    • The 1992 5.7-liter saw a horsepower low, in the long-wheel base Suburban, C/K3500 and the G30, of 190 hp. The short-wheelbase Suburban had the highest horsepower of the engines, at 210 hp. All 1992 5.7-liter engines had a torque rating of 300 foot-lbs.

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