Problems With a Ford 5.4 Engine

Problems With a Ford 5.4 Engine thumbnail
Ford trucks powered by the 5.4-liter engine are generally reliable, although some have spark plug problems.

The Ford 5.4-liter engine is one of the most common Ford engines ever produced, showing up in some of the company's trucks, cars and SUVs. The engine's most serious problems have been related to spark plugs exploding due to force from the cylinder head.

  1. Spark Plug

    • The Ford 5.4-liter engine is prone to blowing out a spark plug while the engine is operating due to insufficient threads in the aluminum head.

    Ping and Knock

    • Some Ford F-150 pickup trucks with the 5.4-liter engine may have a sustained ping or knocking due to bad variable cam timing.


    • A faulty or deteriorating vacuum line behind the intake manifold of the 5.4-liter engine may cause the Ford pickups, passengers and SUVs it's installed in, to stall.

    Fuel Filters

    • Aftermarket Purolator fuel filters improperly designed may not seat correctly with the fuel tube, causing fuel to leak in the 5.4-liter engine.

    Fuel Tank

    • Trucks equipped with the 4.2- and 5.4-liter Ford engines may have a depression at the seam of the fuel tank that may cause a fuel leak and fire.

    Brake Vacuum Hose

    • The brake vacuum hose attached to the 5.4-liter engine's intake manifold may swell and detach from its fittings, potentially causing reduced braking.

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